South Korean army to field Baekho command post 8x8 armored vehicle


South Korean army to field Baekho command post 8x8 armored vehicle

Jan 13, 2023

By: Army Recognition

South Korean military officials revealed that the 20-ton vehicle will first be deployed to the army’s Tiger brigade along with other cutting-edge weapon systems. The brigade will serve as a demonstration unit for manned and unmanned military systems to ensure they are efficient and safe for wider application in the armed forces.

Baekho is designed to manage battlefield information by integrating and analyzing information from various sources, such as sensors, UAVs, and ground troops, in order to provide commanders with a comprehensive view of the battlefield and help them make better-informed decisions. The system is also capable of planning and executing missions, as well as providing real-time intelligence and surveillance capabilities.

The Baekho command post vehicle is based on the army’s K808 armored vehicle. It carries up to 11 personnel and can be armed with a K-6 heavy machine gun. The vehicle features added protection against chemical, biological, and radiological attacks.

The K808/806 White Tiger armored personnel carrier is a family of 8x8 and 6x6 armored vehicles. Developed by Hyundai Rotem as a private venture in 2012, the Korean Army declared a plan to acquire 600 6×6 and 8×8 wheeled APCs in order to help build rapid response forces molded after U.S. Stryker combat brigades, according to the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA). Hyundai Rotem, a (subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group), made the K808/806 in competition with the Doosan Black Fox and Samsung Techwin MPV, and eventually won the competition.