media registration


The DSA Team welcomes you to the DSA Press Room. For our foreign media partners, we bid you “Selamat Datang”

A total of 277 members of press and media registered and covered DSA and NATSEC Asia 2022. We look forward to welcoming all of you back to DSA and NATSEC Asia 2024!

We are pleased to inform you of the facilities and services we will be providing for all registered press or media partners as follows:

Media Centre

The DSA and NATSEC Asia 2024 Media Centre will be announced closer to the show

All members of the press and media partners (local and international) must possess an Official DSA and NATSEC Asia 2024 Media Badge in order to gain admission into the Media Centre.

Each member who wishes to use the facilities within the Media Centre will be required to register on a daily basis for security reasons .

Facilities & Services - As our partners and guests we are pleased to offer the following facilities and services to ensure you have a conducive working environment (to churn out all those many columns and inches on DSA and NATSEC Asia 2024!) and that you are most comfortable :

DSA and NATSEC Asia 2024 is strictly a trade show

Computer Work Stations

There will be numerous computer work stations with printers available for use. Should you have a laptop, power point stations will also be made available.

  • Internet

    There will also be internet – ready work stations for your use.

  • Photocopying

    Photocopying services will be at your disposal.

  • Lockers

    Lockers or lockable cupboards will be available for you to place your personal belongings when you are out on assignments.

  • Information Board

    There will be an Information Board which will be updated on a daily basis on all Media/press related events and activities so that you will not be left out on any important events.

  • Refreshments & Lunch

    On-going refreshments will be served throughout the day. Lunch will also be served within the centre during the four-days.

We look forward to welcoming you on-board as our Media and Press Partners come DSA and NATSEC Asia 2024!