Admission Rules

DSA 2024 is strictly a trade show.

DSA is not open to public. Public visitors will not be allowed admission.

Admission Rules:

  1. Open to Government Defence & Security Personnel, Defence & Security Industry Professionals & Executives, Military, Police, related Forces and other specially invited guests only.
  2. Proof of qualification is required at the entrance.
  3. Dress code: Working uniforms/business attire. Any trade visitors in shorts, sleeveless t-shirts/ shirts, slippers, or a combination of all will not be permitted entry.
  4. No weapons permitted.
  5. General public and minors below 18 will not be allowed admission, even if accompanied by adult.
  6. Cadets/students from relevant higher learning institutions will be allowed but prior approval must be sought from Organiser.
  7. You must adhere to the strict SOPs and guidelines set by the Organiser to visit the show.
  8. You must complete two doses of vaccination to be permitted for entry.
  9. Please be aware that the Organiser reserves the right not to permit entry to any individual organisation or group at their discretion.
  10. Show prove of negative result at entrance, RTK-Ag (self) test.


    We are consistently monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Malaysia and globally. Amid the global panic, Malaysian Government through its Ministry of Health (MOH) and other related agencies has done well. As a matter of facts medical experts worldwide has praised MOH for staying on top of the disease threats since it first detected. There are effective control measures being put by these agencies right from the point of entries into the country.

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