Sig MPX for Malaysian Army Special Forces


Sig MPX for Malaysian Army Special Forces

Feb 20, 2023


The Malaysian Army’s 11th Special Service Regiment under the 21st Special Service Group, namely the crack Uniform Squadron which is tasked with counter-terrorism operations domestically and abroad have taken delivery of the Sig Sauer 9mm MPX-K submachine gun.

In doing so, they are the first user of the new firearm in Malaysia. The submachine gun was selected to equip the Squadron’s Combat Rescue Teams (CRT) that specialise in close quarter battle (CQB).

The CRTs have been armed with the tried-and-tested Heckler & Koch MP5s of numerous variants since the 1980s, especially the compact MP5-Ks and suppressed MP5-SDs. The SSG had requested the Army to acquire new SMGs with funding for the acquisition via open tender being approved in 2020.

The highly compact MPX-K with a 4.5” barrel is highly suited for CQB situations in which short-barreled weapons are essential due to the limited spaces in structures, aircraft and ships. Furthermore, the 9mm caliber is preferred over 5.56mm weapons in such circumstances since it can mitigate collateral damage in the forms of possible injuries to hostages, or friendly forces due to ricochets.

Built on a similar AR-style platform with ambidextrous controls, the MPX was designed in 2013 and released in 2015, it operates on a closed, full locked bolt and short-stroke piston system that can reduce recoil when fired and increase overall reliability of the MPX.

It is widely regarded as the only SMG running on such a system in contrast to its other counterparts with direct impingement system. The short-stroke piston system allows fewer stoppages compared to the latter. At 571mm / 22.5” long, its foldable stock offers an overall profile of just 444mm / 17.5” and weighs slightly over 6 pounds.

Furthermore, the barrel lengths are user changeable. Included in the procurement package are accompanying accessories such as Sig’s own Romeo 4T optical sight, suppressors, foregrips in addition to its carrying case and hard cases.

Aside from that, the MPX is also set to be equipped with a Beamshot LAS41P which integrates four functions in one, the first being a co-aligned visible and infrared (IR) pointers, white bright light emitting diode (LED) flashlight and IR laser illuminator.

The effectiveness of this initial batch of SMGs will have an impact for possible subsequent purchases of the firearm by the Army.

The MPX is reportedly currently in service with India’s National Security Guards (NSG), Indonesia’s Detachment 88 (DENSUS 88) dan Marine Corps, Royal Thai Police, and elements of the United States Army. It is also used by the Hong Kong Police Force Railway Response Team (RRT) which has since merged with the Counter Terrorism Response Unit (CTRU). –shp/dl/mgm