Pakistan Fleet Modernisation on Track : Navy Chief


Pakistan Fleet Modernisation on Track : Navy Chief

Feb 19, 2023


The modernisation plans for the Pakistan Navy will be continuously carried out with the purchase of more equipment and systems for the service, confirmed Pakistan’s Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi.

Among the assets planned in the cards are aircraft for the Pakistan Naval Arms for surveillance activities, and more surface and subsurface vessels.

“The modernisation and upgradation of our systems and equipment to beef up the capabilities of our fleet us a continuous process. We will continue to add more add more platforms in our fleet, be it surface, subsurface, as well as air assets,” Admiral Amjad Khan told ADJ at the closing ceremony of Exercise Aman 23 in Karachi.

“As part of this programme, we are looking at adding more aircraft to our fleet, including jet-propelled type, which be converted into long-range maritime patrol aircraft,” added the navy chief.

Also in the cards are air-launched assets to and more platforms to boost the Navy’s surveillance capabilities, confirms Admiral Amjad.

The Chief of Naval Staff previously told ADJ in an exclusive interview that the acquisition of the Embraer Lineage 1000E jet aircraft is meant to achieve high-speed surveillance and deep strike capability.

Phase-I of the project sees the upgradation of two aircraft, with the first aircraft expected to join the Pakistan Navy in the next two years.

The navy chief also impressed that the Pakistan Navy will consider the option to carry out subsequent upgradation of these aircraft, in-country. The Pakistan Navy is also undertaking indigenous efforts at their Naval Research and Development Institute (NRDI) to develop remotely operated/autonomous surface and underwater vehicles for meeting Pakistan Navy’s other requirements that include oceanographic survey, mine-countermeasure operations, and maritime security operations. –shp.adj/aaa (Image: ADJ)