Lucelta Defense To Establish Malaysian Production Facility


Lucelta Defense To Establish Malaysian Production Facility

May 19,2024

In a memorandum of agreement between Lucelta Defense and CZR Consulting, establishing Lucelta Defense Malaysia. With that, the Brooklyn-based firm looks to build a manufacturing facility in Malaysia to complement its existing production facility in Turkiye, cater to rising demands in their products and streamline their production line. Lucelta’s existing portfolio of products and solutions range from small arms, brushless direct current (BLDC) electrical motors, and field hospitals.

Furthermore, the company plans to direct its research and development efforts towards the creation of products specifically tailored for Malaysian military and law enforcement needs and specifications. Aiming to listen to challenges as well as problems faced by the Malaysian side to provide innovative solutions. Besides that, another goal of Lucelta expanding their footprint in Malaysia is to invest in and further develop the nation’s local talent pool. In collaboration with local higher learning institutions, Lucelta’s offering of numerous international training programmes for local students will allow them to obtain first-hand experience in researching, developing and manufacturing of defence products. Hence, creating a highly-skilled workforce to boost Malaysia’s domestic defence industry and cut down its reliance on foreign expertise, further advancing the country’s self-sufficiency.

The company’s BLDC motors see a wide range of applications in small-to-medium unmanned aerial, ground and underwater platforms, commonly used for propulsion in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), robotic systems, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), remotely operated vehicles (ROV), and torpedo propulsion systems. Additionally, they are also used in missile guidance systems and turret control systems which are employed in armoured vehicles and military aircraft. Moreover, BLDC motors are also present in electro-optical systems as well as auxiliary systems.

Another of the firm’s more notable product is the made-to-order field hospitals, consisting of project based field hospitals and military field hospitals tailored to customer requirements. The field hospitals can include multiple clinics within one complex and can be tailored to produce field hospitals to treat specific diseases or clinics. For the field hospitals, the highly mobile field hospitals are available in 20-bed, 50-bed or 100-bed capacities. Through the use of expandable containers equipped with hydraulic stands, the structures can be rapidly deployed transported to be set up anywhere, regardless of terrain or environment. Therefore making them very relevant in the military, emergency response and disaster relief aspects. They all serve as independent facilities with all necessary functions of a hospital, even complete with operating theatres, intensive care units (ICU), and water treatment capabilities. These field hospitals were also deployed in the aftermath of the earthquake which struck Turkiye in May 2023.

In the small arms category, Lucelta produces the 9x19mm LC series of handguns, AK platform rifles chambered in both 7.62x39mm and 9x19mm. Next, the company also offers 12 gauge shotguns in numerous configurations, also used in the Russia-Ukraine conflict to shoot down smaller unmanned drones.-shp/adj/dl (Pix:Lucelta)