Hanwha from South Korea Debuts Cutting-Edge 40mm Automated Air Defense System at ADEX 2023


Hanwha from South Korea Debuts Cutting-Edge 40mm Automated Air Defense System at ADEX 2023

October 30, 2023

By:Army Recognition

In the ever-evolving landscape of aerial warfare, the need for advanced defense systems that can counteract a wide range of threats is paramount. Hanwha Aerospace's 40mm Automated Air Defense System, unveiled at ADEX 2023, the Aerospace and Defense Exhibition in South Korea, stands out as a formidable solution against contemporary aerial challenges.

One of the most significant advantages of this system is its rapid deployment capability. The design allows for quick setup and activation, ensuring that defense units can respond promptly to emerging threats. This speed is crucial in modern warfare scenarios where every second counts and delays can lead to significant vulnerabilities.

Moreover, the system's flexibility in deployment configurations, whether stationary on land or mobile on trucks, means it can be adapted to various terrains and operational needs. This adaptability ensures that the defense system can be strategically placed in optimal locations, enhancing its effectiveness.

The Hanwha 40mm Automated Air Defense System stands out with its unique composition. It is primarily made up of three core components: an engagement control station manned by just two personnel, a radar vehicle, and a network of unmanned 40mm twin-barrel cannons. Remarkably, the entire defense apparatus can be operated by only two people, emphasizing its efficiency and user-friendly design.

Furthermore, the system's advanced radar capability offers a distinct edge. Its ability to detect threats from as far as 10 km away and identify even small cross-sections ensures a wide protective net against various aerial threats. This range and precision are especially crucial in the age of drones and other small, agile aerial vehicles that can often evade traditional defense mechanisms.

One of the system's most impressive features is its radar capability. It can detect aerial threats from as far as 10 km away, feeding all crucial data to the control station. This station, in turn, can command up to eight 40mm twin-gun barrel cannons. These cannons boast a 360° rotation range, with an elevation spectrum from -5° to +60°. They can engage threats from a distance of up to 4 km. Furthermore, the radar's precision is noteworthy, as it can identify threats with cross-sections as minuscule as 0.03m², making it adept at recognizing even commercial-size Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

In essence, Hanwha Aerospace's 40mm Automated Air Defense System offers a multi-faceted defense solution that is not only efficient and adaptable but also exceptionally effective against the diverse aerial threats of today.