Four Countries Are Expected To Compete In The Tender For 400 6×6 Armoured Vehicles


Four Countries Are Expected To Compete In The Tender For 400 6×6 Armoured Vehicles

Sept 7, 2021


PUTRAJAYA: Four countries are expected to show interest in competing for the tender for the supply of a total of 400 six-wheel drive armoured vehicles of the Malaysian Army.

According to a report by business news portal, Seoul, South Korea-based Asia Business Daily, the acquisition replaces the team’s existing vehicles used since 1981.

“So far, the international tender that has been opened will take over the functions of the old Sibmas 6 × 6 armored cars made in Belgium and the Condor 4 × 4 made in Germany,” the site said.

Both models of the armed vehicles were produced by well-known European machinery manufacturers, Constructions Ferroviaires et Metalliques BN and Henschel Wehrtechnik GmbH.

The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) handles 186 Sibmas and 460 Condors with the last delivery in 1984 which is now considered an outdated model.

The Ministry of Defence’s open tender also laid down the main condition that the product must be manufactured in the country for high technology transfer effort and the supply of spare parts.

The portal reported that four manufacturers are expected to bid, namely FNSS from Turkey, PT Pindad (Indonesia), General Dynamic Land System (Canada) and Hyundai Rotem (South Korea).

Based on the current offer, the Turkish company is predicted to have a big advantage as it has already established cooperation with its local partner, DRB-Hicom Defense Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

The joint venture enables the automotive giant’s subsidiary to produce 257 multi -function amphibious armored vehicles, PARS 8 × 8 branded as AV8 Gempita.

Its closest competitor is PT Pindad which will offer the Anoa 6 × 6 model of the Indonesian National Army with the Malaysian version to be known as Rimau.

Canada, meanwhile, is expected to offer a new model of LAV 6 × 6 while South Korea with a K806 6 × 6 armored car which is also used by the country’s military.

The Ministry of Defence also opened tenders for a total of 36 units of four1-wheel drive armored cars for the operation of the Peacekeeping Force under the United Nations (UN).