In recent years, the risks and severity of cybersecurity threats have grown, and there is no sign of cybercrimes reducing anytime soon. Cybersecurity is becoming a pervasive issue and the main focus of the country's defence and security industry scene. With the fast-growing and ever-evolving technology landscape, we become more vulnerable and susceptible to cyber threats both internally and externally. Corporations and governments are now facing the demand to move operations into cyberspace while ensuring high levels of security and privacy.


“The technology evolution in the cyber domain is fast changing, hence events like the DSA and NATSEC Asia provides a good platform to showcase and get the latest on anti ransomware technology and source for the best protection tool, be it for the companies, the government or even individuals.
I would like to congratulate the organisers of this Cyber security webinar and I wish all participants an eye opening and productive time over the two days As this will be a fruitful outcome that enable to help us to further strengthen the foundation of Malaysia cyber security landscape."

YDH IG Dato’ Sri Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani

“It must be recognized that cybersecurity is an important, if not critical element of national power, which governments should have total control over its operations In another sense, the governments and their agencies would very much prefer to retain cybersecurity measures within national boundaries to comply with national cybersecurity laws and strategies to enable better control over its environment and infrastructure."

YBhg. General Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Hj Affendi Bin Buang RMAF


Day 1: 24 August 2021
Keynote Address
by YDH IG Dato’ Sri Acryl Sani Bin Haji Abdullah Sani
Inspector General of Royal Malaysian Police

Day 2: 25 August 2021
Keynote Address
by YBhg . General Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Hj Affendi Bin Buang RMAF
Chief of Defence Forces Malaysia


Day 1: 24 August 2021

Day 2: 25 August 2021


“The discussion is a great initial effort that hopefully leads to future deeper analysis on the gaps and solutions to fill in the gaps”. Angeline Yeen Leong

“The webinar was interesting, and I manage to gain a lot of insides on the topics presented”. David Ong

“Good, needed to be consistent. can make it a series every month”. Muhammad Amirul Sumar

“The panelists were well versed and gave good insight on to what threats the internet poses on society, organisations and the country”.Jolanda James

“Good choice of panelists”. Dato Wan Hassan Wan Mamat

“Overall, the big picture is there to understand the current context on the threats of ransomware. Although still lacking in details , it was a great webinar to spread general awareness on cybersecurity threats”. Danial Hanif

“Should involve organization/ individual that have experience handling and performed outsourced cybersecurity functions to actually get the real feedback on how it is doing? Is it good? Also, to know on a customer perspective, how its contributing to the productivity of the organization and to him”. Abdul Mohsein Baharudin

“Today's seminar was well handled by the moderator. In short, it was excellent with many new perspectives and informative” informative”. Mohd Adzam Omar

“Topics are relevant. Selection of Speakers are good too”. Josephine Hoh

“Excellent. Need more webinar such as this in the future ”Azizi Elias

“A very good discussion. The moderator did a very excellent engagement with the panelists. Wish to have a longer session as the topic is very interesting”. Nurul Aisyah Aminurrahman

“Well done and very interactive and excellent ”.Samsul Rizal Musa