Worldwide Marketing

DSA - Marketed Internationally
DSA 2020 has lined up a very comprehensive and multi-level marketing and sales campaign to ensure only top quality visitors attend the four-day event. This includes:
  • E-bulletins - A series of electronic bulletins will be broadcasted to a highly targeted audience totalling to some 50,000 visitors.
  • Technical Trade Journals & On-Line Media - Extensive advertising as well as editorials carefully planned in all major defence and security publications and on-line media.
  • Promotions At International Defence & Security Exhibitions - A two-year plan has been drawn up for DSA personnel to visit and also exhibit at related Defence & Security shows all around the world.
  • Direct Mail - Two rounds of mail shots including the much sought after Show Preview containing product highlights of Exhibitors will be mailed to some 50,000 potential visitors comprising armed forces, police, immigrations, customs and all other related individuals from all over the region.
  • Social Media - DSA utilises social media to reach relevant audiences whereby Facebook and LinkedIn accounts have been set up
  • Pre-registration & Website - The DSA 2020 website will be highly interactive and will contain all progressive information about the show and all its related events. This will also include pre-registration facilities on-line.
  • Press & International Media - A total of 617 members of the press and media attended and covered DSA 2020. Press Registration facilities on-line will also be made available via the DSA 2020 website to encourage more press to attend hence increasing the show’s publicity.
  • Presentations - Presentations will be conducted to military camps / police branches and all related quarters encouraging top ranking officers to attend. To support this, a Transport Programme will also be lined-up whereby transportation will be sponsored to shuttle in Officers from all over Malaysia.
  • Asean Officers Visits - DSA via the Government will again invite Officers from all Asean countries to visit DSA 2020 through a fly-in programme.