how to visit

Before you proceed further, please be informed that DSA 2020 is strictly not open to the general public.

Admission Rules
  • Government Defence Security Personnel, Defence & Security Industry Professionals & Executives and other specially invited guests.
  • The Visitor Ticket does not imply authority of entry.
  • Proof of qualification is required at the entrance.
  • Dress code: Working uniforms / business attire.
  • No weapons permitted.
  • General public and minors below 16 will not be admitted.

If you are eligible, kindly take note of the three ways to register for DSA 2020 :

1. Pre-registration On-line

We welcome all eligible visitors to register on-line ! The Pre-registration form will be ready closer to the show. All pre-registered visitors will have their own dedicated counters ensuring fast and efficient processing.

2. Register During The Show

Once the pre-registration deadline has passed, visitors will have to register on-site during the show using the Pre-Registration Form below.