Dear Participants,

We are consistently monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Malaysia and globally. Amid the global panic, Malaysian Government through its Ministry of Health (MOH) and other related agencies has done well. As a matter of facts medical experts worldwide has praised MOH for staying on top of the disease threats since it first detected. There are effective control measures being put by these agencies right from the point of entries into the country.

However, as a responsible organiser, we are encouraged to plan and implement control plans to eliminate disruption and ensure all attendees will have a safe and conducive exhibition environment with guidance from MOH, Malaysian Armed Forces Health Services Division, service partners and venue provider with the following measures;

·       A help desk will be set up at the venue

·       First aiders and Medical Experts on standby

·       Temperature Screening using thermal scanners at entry points

·      During exhibition, attendees showing high temperature will not be allowed entry, and will be referred to Medical Experts.

·       There will be isolation centre for suspected cases before they are referred to the Ministry of Health.

·       Face masks will be made available at venue




24 FEBRUARY 2020