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16 - 19 APRIL 2018


16 - 19 APRIL 2018

VVIP Programme

344 VVIP delegations were delivered to exhibitors’ booths via the Organisers’ VVIP delegation management system and acknowledged by exhibitors.

A Brief Outline of the DSA VVIP Programme

DSA works with the Malaysian Government to ensure all invitation letters are delivered in good time to the invited VVIPs. DSA and the Government represented by an Armed Forces General embark on trips to Asean countries to pay courtesy calls to these VVIPs and personally hand deliver the invitation letters.

Specified VVIP Routings Each VVIP delegation hosted by DSA will be given specific routes or programmes during their visit. The programme will be followed through via the close coordination between the Malaysian Accompanying Officers and DSA’s VIP Ambassadors.

Malaysian Top Ranking Officers Malaysia being the host country will undoubtedly have the largest VIP contingent (1-star and above and equivalent) over the 4-day period.

The following Malaysian VIP Delegation was present at DSA 2016:
  • The Minister of Defence
  • The Deputy Minister of Defence
  • The Secretary General
  • The Chief of Defence Force
  • The Inspector General of Police
  • The Director General of Royal Malaysian Customs
  • The Chief of Army
  • The Chief of Navy
  • The Chief of Air Force
  • The Chief of Staff
  • The Joint Force Commander
  • The Director General of Defence Intelligence
  • The Director General of Health Services
  • The Director General of Immigration

Confirmed VIP Delegations For DSA 2016.

1. Brigadier General Mir Jan Adib, Vice President of International Military Affairs Department
2. Lieutenant General Murad Ali Murad, Deputy Chief of Army Staff (Representing the Chief of Staff of the Afghan National Army)
1. Air Vice Marshal Melvin Ernest Glanville Hupfeld, Acting Chief of the Capability Development Group (Representing the Chief of Defence Forces)
2. Major General David Coghlan, Head of Land Systems Division (Representing the Chief of Army)
1. H.E. Yavar Jamalov, Minister of Defence Industry
1. H.E. Kazi Habibul Awal, Senior Secretary
2. Maj Gen AKM Abdullahil Baquee, Military Secretary (Representing the Chief of Army Staff)
3. Major General Muhammad Rabiul Hossain MBBS, MCPS, FCPS, FRCP (EDIN), Director General Medical Services
1. Alyaksei Skraga, Director General, BSVT (Representing the Chairman of the State Military Industrial Committee)
Bosnia and Herzegovina
1. Lt General Anto Jelec, Chief of Joint Staff of the Armed Forces (Representing the Minister of Defence)
Brunei Darussalam
1. H.E. First Admiral (RTD) Dato' Seri Pahlawan Abdul Aziz Bin Mohd Tamit, Deputy Minister of Defence
2. Captain (RTD) Haji Mohammad Amirul Shahnoel Bin Haji Mohammad Noeh, Deputy Permanent Secretary [Technology] (Representing the Deputy Permanent General [Defence Policy & Department])
3. Yang Mulia Datin Paduka Hajah Suriyah Binti Haji Umar, Permanent Secretary
4. Yang DiMuliakan Pehin Datu Pekerma Jaya Major General Dato Paduka Sari Mohd Tawih Bin Abdullah, Commander of Royal Brunei Armed Forces
5. Yang Mulia Dato Paduka Seri Haji Bahrin Bin Mohd Noor, Commisioner of Police, Royal Brunei Police
6. Brigadier General Pengiran Dato Seri Pahlawan Aminan Bin Pengiran Haji Mahmud, Commander of Royal Brunei Land Forces
1. General Nem Sowath, Advisor Deputy Prime Minister, Director General of Policy and Foreign Affairs (Representing Deputy Prime Minister of National Defence)
2. General Eth Sarath, Deputy Commander in Chief (Representing the Commander in Chief)
3. Pol Lt Gen Lay Visa, Deputy Chief of Staff (Representing the Commisioner General)
4. Lt Gen Yoeung Sokhon, Deputy Commander of Army, RCAF (Representing the Commander-In-Chief)
5. Vice Admiral Vann Bunleang, Vice Commander and Chief of Staff (Representing the Commander of Cambodian Navy)
6. General Soeung Samnang, Commander of Royal Cambodian Air Force
1. Major General Zhou Songhe, Deputy Commander, PLA Army (Representing the Minister of Defence)
2. Major General Liu Maojie, Academy of Military Science (Representing the Deputy Chief of General Staff Department PLA)
3. Major General Lv Ming, Deputy Chief of the Department of Equipment (Representing the Chief of General Staff of the People's Liberation Army)
4. Chen Jiannan, Deputy Director of the First Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security (Representing the Deputy Chief of General Staff Department PLA)
5. Sr Col Tan Jin, Deputy Director General of Research and Procurement Bureau (Representing the Chief of the PLA General Armament Department)
6. Senior Captain Peng Huaixiang, Deputy Director General of Armament Bureau (Representing the Commander of PLA Navy)
7. Lieutenant Col Liao Xinhua, Deputy Section Leader (Representing the Commander of the People's Liberation Army - Air Force [PLAAF])
8. Mr. Xu Zhanbin, Vice Administrator of SASTIND (Representing the Head of Administration [SASTIND])
Czech Republic
1. H.E. Tomas Kuchta, Deputy Minister of Defence
2. Lieutenant General Josef Becvar, Chief of the General Staff
East Timor (Timor-Leste)
1. H.E. Cirilo Cristovao, Minister of Defence
2. H.E. Joao De Corte-Real Araujo, Director General of Defence
3. Major General Lere Anan Timor, Chief of Defence Force
1. Major General Gamal Hammad Elsayed Enaiw (Representing the Minister of Defence)
1. Vice Admiral Jacques Cousquer, Director for Asia and Pacific, General Directorate or Armaments [DGA] (Representing the Head of International Directorate)
2. Brigadier General Charles Beaudoin, Director of the Army Technical Branch (Representing the Chief D'etat-Major De L'armee De Terre)
1. Sudhir Kumar Mishra, Chief Controller, Research and Development [BRAHMOS] (Representing the Secretary of Defence Production)
2. Lt General Subrata Saha, Deputy Chief of Army (Representing the Chief of Army Staff)
3. Major General Ashok Hukku [R], Y.S.M, Member Advisory Committee UNESCO-IHP
1. Air Marshal Ismono Wajayanto, Inspector General of Defence (Representing the Minister of Defence)
2. Dr. Timbul Siahaan, Director General of Defence Potential (Representing the Secretary General)
3. Admiral Ade Supandi, Chief of Navy (Representing the Chief of Defence Force)
4. Arkian Lubis, Representative to Indonesian National Police (Representing the Chief of Police)
5. Mr. Heru Pambudi, Director General of Customs and Excise
6. Lt Gen Erwin Syafitri, Deputy Chief of Army (Representing the Chief of Army)
7. Rear Admiral Agus Heryana, Assistant Security (Representing the Chief of Navy)
8. Air Marshal Hadiyan Suminta Atmadja, Deputy Chief of Air Force (Representing the Chief of Air Force)
9. Col (AF) Ishak Setyadi Sjam, Chief of Foreign Affair (Representing the Assistant Intelligence)
10. Major General TNI Dr. Ben Yura Rimba, Director of the Armed Forces Medical Services
11. Tiedwight Sabaru, Director of Immigration Intelligence (Representing the Director General of Immigration)
1. Brigadier Sari Shafiq Sari Khashashneh, Security Regional Commander (Representing the Director General of Public Security)
2. Brig Gen Ibrahim Alnaimat, Commander of Royal Jordanian Naval Force (Representing the Director of Royal Medical Services)
3. Major General Dr. Moe'en Salameh Al Habashneh, General Manager of the Royal Medical Services (Representing the Director of Royal Medical Services)
1. Brigadier General Khamphath Phimmahasay, Chief of Air Force
2. Brigadier General Khamlieng Outhakaisone, Deputy Chief of General Staff, Lao People's Army
3. Mr. Phouvanh Sayasith, Deputy Director of Immigration Department (Representing the Director General of Immigration Department)
1. H.E. Mohamed Zuhair, Minister of State for Defence
2. Colonel Abdul Latheef Abdul Raheem, Principal Director, Directorate of Military Intelligence
1. Rear Admiral Myint New, Deputy Minister of Defence
2. Lt Gen Thein Htay, Chief of Defence Industry (Representing the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services
3. Mr. Sann Lwin, Deputy Director General (Representing the Director General of Customs)
1. Lieutenant General Purna Chandra Thapa, Chief of Staff (Representing Chief of Army Staff)
New Zealand 
1. Richard Burn, Ministry of Defence Program Director [LAND] (Representing the Secretary of Defence)
2. Major General Peter T.A.E Kelly, Chief of Army
1. Air Vice Marshal James Meraba Gbum, Chief of Policy & Plans (Representing the Chief of Air Staff)
1. Mr. Morten Tiller, National Armaments Director, Ministry of Defence [MOD] (Representing the Minister of Defence)
1. Col Khalfan Bin Hamed Bin Ali Al-Sulaimani (Representing the Commander of the Royal Army of the Sultanate of Oman)
2. Hamed Bin Salim Bin Abdullah Al-OufiWing Commander (Representing the Commander of Royal Air Force of Oman)
1. H.E. Rana Tanveer Hussein, Minister of Defence Production
2. Maj Gen Tariq Ghafoor, Additional Secretary Ministry of Defence Production (Representing the Secretary of Defence Production)
3. Lt Gen Najib Ullah Khan, HI(M), Director General of Joint Staff (Representing the Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee)
4. Maj Gen Fida Hussain Malik, GOC 11 Division (Representing the Chief of the Army Staff)
5. Director General OF Air Intelligence (Representing the Chief of the Air Staff of the Pakistan Air Force)
6. Rear Admiral Farrokh Ahmad, HI(M), Commander Karachi (Representing the Chief of Naval Staff)
7. Air Vice Marshall Shahid Akhtar, Director General Air Intelligence (Representing the Chief of the Air Staff of the Pakistan Air Force)
8. Major General Agha Masood Akarm, Director General DEPO
1. Natalio Cabili Ecarma III, Undersecretary (Representing the Secretary of National Defence)
2. Major General Jose P Tanjuran JR AFP, Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications, Electronics and Information Systems, J6 (Representing the Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines)
3. Gen Jessie D. Dellosa, Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence Group (Representing the Commissioner Bureau of Customs)
4. Rodolfo Demosthenes Centeno Santillan, Vice Commander of the Philippines Army (Representing the Commanding General of the Philippines Army)
5. Major General Alexander F Balutan AFP, Vice Commander Philippines Navy (Representing the Flag Officer-in-Command)
6. Major General Emeraldo C Magnaye AFP, Vice Commander of the Philippines Air Force (Representing the Commanding General of the Philippines Air Force)
7. Commo Ernesto C Enriquez AFP, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, J2 (Representing the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence)
8. Colonel Mariano A Meija NC (GSC), The Surgeon General
9. Carlos B Capulong, Attorney (Representing the Commissioner of Immigration)
1. Major General Pilot Ahmed Nasser Bin Jassin Al-Thani, Chief of Military Intelligence
Republic of Korea
1. H.E. Han Minkoo, Director General for Military Force Policy (Representing Major General Kim, Heon Su)
2. H.E. Hwang Inmoo, Director for Military Force Programming Division, MND (Representing Colonel (P) Lee, Lim Soo)
3. Rear Admiral Kwon Heakmin, Chief of Force Planning Directorate, JCS (Representing the Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff Committee)
4. Mr. Sin-Myeong Kang, Director General, Office of ICT Management and Equipment (Representing Park, Woon-Dae)
5. Brigadier Cho Dong Taeg, Deputy Commander of Marine Corps (Representing the Chief of Naval Operations)
6. Brig Gen Hwang Il Ung
7. Mr. Park Jung Hwan, Program Manager for Combat Vehicle Program Team, DAPA (Representing the Minister for Defence Acquisition Program Administration [DAPA])
 Russian Federation
1. Major General Aleksandr Mironov, Chief of the Main Directorate of Science and Research Activity & Technological Support of Advace Technologies [Innovations] (Representing the Minister of Defence)
2. H.E. Petukhov Mikhail, Deputy Director, Federal Service for Military
3. Colonel Iurii Gorbanev, Chief of Department (Representing the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Rusian Federation)
Saudi Arabia
1. LTC Mohammed Salem M Alalola (Representing the Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia)
2. Brig Gen Saud Bin Nasir Alshayeg (Representing the Commander of Royal Saudi Land Forces)
3. Col Sulaiman Bin Halil Alfegaih (Representing the Chief of Naval Staff)
4. MG Khalid Bin Hamdan Al Zahrani (Representing the Chief of Air Staff)
5. Major General Mohammed Ben Yousef Alhamid, Director of Military Intelligence
6. Col Munawir Bin Muhaissen M Alrashidi (Representing the Director General of Saudi Armed Forces Medical Services)
7. Maj Gen Pilot Hussain Mohammed Alassaf
8. Brig Gen Abdullah Bin Ibrahim Alfehaid
1. H.E. Dr. Ng Eng Hen, Minister of Defence
2. Major General Perry Lim Cheng Yeow, Chief of Defence Force
3. Mr. Teo Chor Leng, Deputy Director of Operations Department (Representing the Commissioner of Police)
4. Brigadier General Melvyn Ong Su Kiat, Chief of Army
5. RADM Lew Chuen Hong, Fleet Commander (Representing the Chief of Navy)
6. BG Neo Hong Keat, Commander [Air Power Generation Command] (Representing the Chief of Air Force)
7. Brig Gen Ong Tze-Ch'in, Director of Military Intelligence
8. Col (DR) Tang Kong Choong, Chief Medical Officer
9. Mr. Vijayakumar Sethuraj, Deputy Commissioner [Policy & Administration] (Representing the Commissioner of Immigration)
10. Dr. Tang Siew Mun, Head of the ASEAN Studies Centre of Yusof Ishak Institute
South Africa
1. Liutenant General Lindile Yam, Chief of The South African Army
Sri Lanka
1. H.E. Ruwan Wijewardene, State Minister of Defence (Representing the Minister of Defence)
2. Air Chief Marshal K A Gunatilleke, Chief of Defence Staff
3. Major General MP Peiris, Chief of Staff Sri Lanka Army (Representing the Commander of the Sri Lanka Army)
4. Sinniah Travis Jeremy Liyanduru, Commandant Volunteer Naval Force (Representing the Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy)
5. Air Vice Marshal CR Gurusinghe, GD/Pilot Senior Officer of the Sri Lanka Air Force (Representing the Commander of the Sri Lanka Air Force)
6. Dr. P G Mahipala, DG Health [Director of Medical Services]
1. Khalid Hammad Ahmed, Secretary General
2. Mr. Al-Hussain Hashim Osman, Director General for Sudan Police Force
1. Brigadier General Arne Heden, Special Advisor to the Minister of Defence (Representing the Minister of Defence)
2. RADM Thomas Engevall, Chief of Defence Logistic and ACOS Chief of Armed Forces Training and Development (Representing the Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces)
1. General Udomdej Sitabutr, Deputy Minister of Defence (Representing the Minister of Defence)
2. LTG Prasong Phaksang, Assistant Secretary to the Minister of Defence (Representing the Deputy Minister of Defence)
3. Major General Apinun Kumproh, Assistant Director General, Office of Policy and Planning (Representing the Permanent Secretary)
4. General Wichien Sirisoonthorn, Deputy Chief of Defence Force (Representing the Chief of Defence Force Royal Thai Armed Forces)
5. Dechnarong Sutticharnbancha, Deputy General (Representing the Police Commisioner General)
6. Mr. Pongsak Tanawattananon, Director of Investigation and Suppression Division 1 (Representing  the Director General of Customs)
7. Admiral Pongthep Nhuthep, Senior Advisor, Royal Thai Navy (Representing the Commander-In-Chief, Royal Thai Navy)
8. Air Chief Marshal Wattana Maneenai, Deputy Commander-In-Chief (Representing the Commander-In-Chief of The Royal Thai Air Force)
9. General Tarnchaiyan Srisuwan, Deputy Chief of Staff (Representing the Chief of Joint Staff of the Royal Thai Armed Forces)
10. MG Dumronk Tuntapalin, Director General, Office of Police Intelligence (Representing the Directorate of Joint Intelligence)
11. Police General Thatchai Pitaneelaboot, Commander of Immigration Division 2, Immigration Bureau, Royal Thai Police (Representing Commissioner of Thailand Immigration Bureau)
12. H.E. Dr. Kobsak Chutikul, Secretary General of Asian Peace and Reconciliation Council
1. H.E. Suay Alpay, Deputy Minister of Defence (Representing the Minister of National Defence)
2. Ferhat Yenibertiz, Deputy Undersecretary for Defence Industry (Representing Undersecretary for Defence Industry)
3. General Ihsan Uyar, Turkish Land Forces Chief of Staff (Representing the Turkish Armed Forces Commander)
4. Brigadier General Erdal Torun, Technical and Project Management Division Chief (Representing the Commander of Turkish Land Forces)
1. Vice Admiral Ibrahim Salleh Al Musharakh, Commander of the United Arab Emirates Naval Force
2. Major General Egab Shaheen Egab Al Ali, Chief of Intelligence and Security Staff
3. Staff Major General Pilot Abdulla Al Sayed Mohamed Al Syed Abdulrahim Alhashmi
United Kingdom
1. H.E. Philip Dunne, Minister for Defence Procurement
2. H.E. Stephen Phipson CBE, Head of UKTI Defence & Security Organisation
3. Brigadier Philip WC Kimber Obe, Commander Headquarters 11th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters South East (Representing the Chief of the General Staff)
1. Admiral Harry B. Harris Jr., U.S Navy, Commander, U.S Pacific Command
2. Major General Todd B. McCaffrey, Deputy Commanding  General, U.S Army Pacific [USARPAC] (Representing the Commanding General of U.S Army Pacific [USARPAC])
3. Ms. Ann Cataldo, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Army for Defence Exports and Cooperation [DASA-DEC] (Representing the Army Chief of Staff)
4. Major General Richard Simcock, Commanding General, 3rd Marine Division Pacific [MARFORPAC] (Representing the Commander U.S Marine Corps Forces, Pacific United State Marines Corps Forces)
1. Vice Admiral Pham Ngoc Minh, Deputy Chief of General Staff VPA's, Ministry of National Defence Vietnam (Representing the Minister of Defence)
2. Senior Colonel Le Tan Tao, Deputy Director General of Police General Department (Representing the Police Lieutenant General)
3. Mr. Nguyen Tien Tho, Director of Da Nang Customs Department (Representing the Director General of Customs)
4. Rear Admiral Ngo Sy Quyet, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Vietnam People's Navy (Representing the Commander in Chief of Vietnam Peoples Navy) 
5. Major General Nguyen Quang Tuyen, Deputy Chief of Air Defence and Air Force, VPA's (Representing the Chief of Air Defence-Air Force, Vietnam Peoples Army)
6. Major General Nguyen Chi Thanh, Deputy Director General of General Department of Intelligence, VPA's (Representing the Director General of General Department of Defence Intelligence)
7. H.E. Major General Vu Quoc Binh,Director of Military Medical Department
8. Colonel Le Hong Thai, Deputy Director of Immigration Department (Representing the Director General of Immigration Department)
1. Maj Gen D Nyikayaramba, COS AS (Representing the Commander of Zimbabwe National Army [ZNA])
2. Air Vice Marshal Nzvede, Air Force Chief of Staff (Representing the Commander Air Force of Zimbabwe)

Report as at 21 April 2016