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16 - 19 APRIL 2018


16 - 19 APRIL 2018



Theme: The Army’s Role in Emerging Border Security Dimension: Challenges and Implications


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This highly important feature introduced for the first time at DSA 2012 was a huge and effective success whereby pertinent issues were presented and deliberated by a host of Chiefs of Army from around the region.


Since its inception at DSA 2008, this feature has grown from strength to strength which is reflected by the impressive number of Surgeon Generals from around the world who now have DSA firmly marked in their calendars as a must attend event. But DSA must continue to evolve and reflect what is happening in the defence community and so DSA will continue to feature the CBRNe seminar.

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Cyber security has been under the spot light for the past few years. It has captured much attention due to the increasing number of cybercrimes, constant media focus on such incidents and the extensive digitization of most organisations. Though the topic of cyber security has gained momentum in the past few years, there is still a huge gap in truly understanding cyber threats, challenges posed and mechanisms that are required to address and minimise such threats. This certainly includes the defence and security sectors.

Governments and businesses are at the frontline of digital connectivity. They could face cyber-attack from a range of perpetrators spanning state actors, terrorist organisations, organised criminals through to hacktivists and lone operators. The increasing use of digital media such as facebook, twitter and other apps by organised terrorist groups is also posing real danger to citizens. Organisations not only run into financial risks relating to fraud and loss of income, but also reputational damage as well as control over intellectual property rights. How much risks are these organisations willing to take?

Is a new more holistic approach which includes leadership and governance, human behaviour, information risk management and stricter legislation, required to deliver a fully integrated cyber security capability that could defend against the most sophisticated and determined adversary?

Do the advances in sovereign cyber technology require the development of world class cyber skills? Could increase collaboration and strategic partnership between industry and academia tackle future cyber security challenges in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries?

The 1st cyber security conference in its series, held at DSA 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, addressed some of these issues. This conference, the second in its series, brought together expert panel of speakers on cyber security from around the world to discuss the most recent trends, issues and challenges in the defence and security sectors. The conference also presented views from industry, government and academia on what measures could be taken to mitigate and manage cyber threats for a better and safer defence and security environment.



HADR was first introduced at DSA 2014, spurred by the recent humanitarian disasters in Malaysia and in the region that threaten personal and national security and safety. Bearing the theme "HADR - Advances & Application of Technology", this conference featured presentation from experts on Malaysian policy, as well as discussions with local and international corporate organisation on the latest technology development for HADR.

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Putrajaya Forum is an international forum on defence and security which is held biennially. It is a conference that draws participations comprising policy makers, defence and security agencies, think tanks as well as academician to meet, discuss and share knowledge to promote understanding on regional and international defence and security issues. This is the forth Putrajaya Forum organised by The Malaysian Institute of Defence and Security (MiDAS), Ministry of Defence Malaysia.

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